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Study: Viral Videos Now a Viral Problem in the Workplace

A significant number of working Americans watch online videos on their mobile devices while in the workplace and are unaware of the potential risks, according to a new survey released by Qumu, a video platform provider.

The study, conducted by Harris Interactive, showed that 53 percent of men and 34 percent of women over the age of 18 watch online videos at their places of work, with news clips, viral videos and videos posted on social networking sites listed as the most common videos-of-choice.

The study showed that more than half of Americans believe companies should allow them to use mobile devices for work-related tasks, such as reading emails and watching company videos, but even more think fellow employees would use them for various, unapproved activities.

According to the study, employees watching online videos on their mobile devices at work may negatively impact the speed and bandwidth of their company’s wireless Internet network. While corporate leaders may be concerned about employee uses of online video and how it can impact the company’s network and productivity, video cannot be shut out of the workplace, Qumu concluded.

The study was conducted online from June 24-28, 2011, and surveyed more than 2,500 adults.

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