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Symantec Study Finds Companies Vulnerable to Social Media Incidents

 Symantec announced today the findings of its recent study that examined the ways in which companies protect themselves from the negative consequences of using social media.

According to the 2011 Social Media Protection Flash Poll, the typical enterprise experienced nine social media incidents, such as employees posting confidential information publicly over the past year, with 94 percent suffering negative consequences including damage to their reputations, loss of customer trust, data loss and lost revenue.

The study follows the rising occurrence of business-related information being shared across social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and other online forums. Without proper controls and regulations in place, companies risk publishing confidential or sensitive business information.

A possible solution to monitor employees’ social media output is an archiving software.

“Businesses know how important it is to protect and preserve email, IM, spreadsheets and other unstructured information,” said Greg Muscarella, senior director of product management for Symantec’s Information Management Group. “Now they need to recognize that information flowing through social networks is equally important.”

The Symantec survey found that while 82 percent of enterprises are looking into implementing archiving solutions to manage sensitive business information transmitted through social media, less than one-fourth have actually implemented any of those technologies and policies.

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