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USIS’ Bill Mixon Discusses Leadership, Industry Challenges and the Future Success

Bill Mixon, USIS

USIS President and CEO Bill Mixon interviewed recently with Leaders Portfolio with Dr. Rebecca Blacksmith, a Washington, D.C., radio program that features interviews with business leaders.

During the interview, Mixon discussed USIS’ past, present and future, the challenges within the industry and his opinions about leadership.

When asked about USIS’ partnership with the Department of Homeland Security and the company’s solutions for the evolving security challenges, Mixon explained USIS remains focused on combating these issues and the company keeps a orientation toward the missions and goals set in place by its leadership team to provide strong support for its federal clients.

“We see a continued and challenging threat,” Mixon said. “We see the need to be ever vigilant as it relates to domestic security and we’re proud to be able to support a portion of that mission within DHS.”

During the interview, Mixon also explained his leadership philosophy and the ways in which the company maintains the right vision for the business. Valuing the company’s employees, he explained, is the most important factor in ensuring success. He believes valuing employees will in turn provide successful business solutions for USIS customers.

“At a high level, we really think employees first, customers second and stakeholders third,” he said. “That’s helped us to set the right kind of tone inside the business.”

In terms of the future of the company, Mixon explained flexibility and the ability to adapt to change are essential elements for continued growth.

“I think it’s important, from my perspective, that as we grow as a business, and we have had very significant growth over our 15-year history, that we stay nimble, that we are willing to take risks as a business and that we continue to keep the right cultural foundations around both leadership and client service,” he said. “It isn’t from my perspective so much about the particular size of the business as it is your ability to operate effectively irrespective of what your size is.”

The interview with Mixon will air Saturday, July 16, 2011, on WTNT Talk Radio 730 AM at 11 a.m. as well as multiple times throughout the following week.

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