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Fortress Technologies Releases Commercial ‘Suite B’ Encryptor

Fortress Technologies, part of General Dynamics C4 Systems, today announced the release of its DS310 commercial off-the-shelf ‘Suite B’ encryptor for secret communication between wired or wireless devices and networks. Delivered in a driverless PC card, Suite B supports multiple layers of encryption and allows for a simpler process for connecting to classified networks while maintaining security.

The DS310 is part of a prototypical implementation of the NSA Suite B initiative awarded to Fortress Technologies in 2009 to develop a short-range wireless sensor network for protecting secret wireless communications within Department of Energy Nuclear facilities. The project highlights the cost savings of using COTS products for secret communication through secure wireless access compare to traditional wired solutions. A hardware device that uses well-established, public domain cryptographic Suite B algorithms specified by the NSA, the DS310 expands General Dynamics’ initiative to deliver secure communications from the core to the very edge of the network.

“The DS310 Suite B encryptor enables levels of classified communications to users previously achieved only at high cost and with specialized products,” said Janet Kumpu, director of General Dynamics C4 Systems Fortress Technologies. “It uses a standard PC card, with built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet communications along with high throughput hardware encryption capabilities that can be easily adapted to a miniature size for integration into other client devices.”

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