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Pitney Bowes Introduces MarketSpace Web Platform

Pitney Bowes Inc. introduced the MarketSpace(TM) Web platform in the U.S. today, a system that helps high-volume transactional mailers connect with third-party advertisers to sell the white space on their statements for advertising opportunities.

The MarketSpace Web platform utilizes Pitney Bowes software to locate white or unused space on transactional documents such as statements or bills, analyze the document recipient, match the recipient to an advertiser’s target segment and place the appropriate message without having to perform complete document redesign. The process is conducted in a highly-secure environment with no recipient data leaving the document owner’s internal network. Pitney Bowes is collaborating with direct marketing firm Media Horizons Inc. to offer advertisers the opportunity to utilize the MarketSpace Web platform to select and purchase advertising placements with document owners.

“Our new MarketSpace Web platform provides a simple and easy way for high-volume transactional mailers to make their white space available on transactional statements to help increase revenue opportunities, while minimizing infrastructure investments,” said Ramesh Ratan, president, Pitney Bowes Document Messaging Technologies. “In addition, our new platform offers advertisers a convenient way to target advertising placements based on specific demographic modeling to help communicate more effective messages to customers and prospects.”

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