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Accenture Provides Grant to Expand NPower’s IT Training Program

Accenture has awarded NPower’s Technology Service Corps an additional grant of $100,000 to expand its IT training program nationally, beginning with the opening of its first branch classroom in Harlem this fall.

The Harlem facility will open in October and begin by providing 20 young adults, ages 18 to 25, with an extensive 22-week program that includes detailed classroom work, professional mentoring, internships, job placement support, and the possibility to secure a Cisco certification. NPower plans to initially offer two 22-week classes per year at the Harlem facility.

The grant reflects Accenture’s corporate citizenship initiative, Skills to Succeed, which aims to equip 250,000 people around the world by 2015 with the skills to get a job or build a business. In addition to teaming to expand TSC in Harlem, Accenture is working with NPower to increase IT training, professional skills and mentoring, internships and job placement for service members and veterans.

“Supporting NPower’s expansion of TSC helps bring to life Accenture’s commitment to building skills,” said LaMae Allen deJongh, managing director–Accenture U. S. Human Capital & Diversity. “NPower is succeeding at a rapid pace and is proving it’s possible to make a significant, lasting impact on the economic well-being of individuals and communities by building skills through coaching and mentoring.”

The TSC program is free to qualified students. Successful applicants must have a high school diploma or GED and complete a written and in-person review process. Graduates are required to successfully complete all the course work, including their internships. Accenture has provided $1.9 million in direct support to NPower since 2004, providing IT skills to approximately 450 young adults.

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