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DRS Technologies Introduces a Commercial Security Thermal Imaging Camera

DRS Technologies’ Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition Group has developed a compact, low power, digital thermal imaging camera, specifically developed for commercial applications, the WatchMaster IP Elite.

“Historically this thermal imaging technology has been cost prohibitive for many commercial applications and predominantly used in defense solutions,” says Terry Murphy, president of DRS RSTA.

“Our recent expansion into high-volume, low cost manufacturing enables thermal imaging solutions to be adopted into traditional commercial security and surveillance applications. We are delighted to offer this latest evolution in digital thermal imaging for the protection of commercial establishments, institutions and other critical infrastructures,” adds Murphy.

The WatchMaster IP Elite does not require ambient light or illumination. It uses infrared waves to create thermal images enabling users to capture images that they typically would be unable to in complete darkness or over water for example. Additionally, the camera has an Open Network Video Interface Forum allowing incorporation into networking and security surveillance systems.

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