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Major Metropolitan Police Forces Are Visualizing Crime With Pitney Bowes’ Help

Law enforcement in major cities, including London Metropolitan Police Service, are using Pitney Bowes Business Insight’s  MapInfo Crime Profiler solution for crime and incident mapping and analysis.

Police departments are able to visualize crime patterns such as type, time and locale in order to deploy resources in a more effective way. MapInfo Crime Profiler also reveals fraud patterns that are location specific such as ATMs, residences and business addresses. The solution is currently being utilized by the British Transit Police to reduce cable theft.

“The analysis of persistent crime problems has been used by many law enforcement agencies to help identify, target and prioritize suitable areas for crime prevention initiatives,” said Ian Broadbent, principal product manager of Global Public Safety Solutions at Pitney Bowes Business Insight. “With money tighter than ever for many police forces, sophisticated and user-friendly technology is imperative to help them deploy their resources to the fullest effect.”

The solution allows law enforcement officials to examine “what if” scenarios by layering aerial photography, demographics, street maps and segmentation maps.

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