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Salesforce.com Extends Social Enterprise Platform

Salesforce.com today extended its Social Enterprise Platform to welcome even more companies and enterprise developers to the cloud using three proven offerings – Force.com, Heroku and Database.com. The general availability of Database.com, Heroku for Java and new social and mobile capabilities on Force.com  will provide companies additional paths to becoming social enterprises through the development of social, mobile and open apps.

Developed to meet consumer demand regarding improved data management methods, the Social Enterprise Platform delivers a real-time, multitenant application development environment that allows companies of any size to engage with customers and employees in new and innovative ways.

Database.com includes social APIs that are based on concepts that have been proven effective within the world’s most popular consumer social networking applications, while Force.com has a community of more than 400,000 developers who have built and deployed more than 240,000 custom applications. And Heroku for Java gives more than 6 million enterprise Java developers a clear path to build social, mobile and open cloud apps.

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