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SAP Application Helps Panasonic Meet Environmental Compliance

SAP is helping Panasonic comply with worldwide product end-of-life regulations and retailer mandates with its SAP Recycling Administration application.

SAP Recycling Administration helps Panasonic classify recyclable materials based on type, usage, destination, weight, brand and category. The software is integrated with  SAP ERP to support countries with differing and changing compliance requirements offering a central data repository address.

“With SAP Recycling Administration, we could improve the recycling data management process significantly – representing a 50 percent time savings across 18 countries and 50 different compliance schemes,” said Thomas Knopp, environmental project manager, Panasonic Europe. “The application also allows us to generate more accurate calculations of product net weight, the basis for recycling charges per the WEEE Directive, and consequently has reduced recycling costs by 15 percent, which adds up to millions of dollars every year.”

Many electronic manufacturers are looking to deploy SAP Recycling Administrating in North America in order to address emerging global issues. Over 30 U.S. states and Canadian provinces employ legislation for e-waste recycling where failure to adhere to standards result in costly fees and sometimes competitive disadvantage.

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