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Symantec Introduces Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center

Symantec Corp.  has announced the arrival of Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center, a cloud-based service for enterprises with large numbers of certificates used for business authentication and data encryption on servers. Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center discovers, centralizes and provides in-depth insight through advanced reporting which enables organizations to proactively manage certificates from any Certificate Authority.

With the growing number of mobile and cloud-based applications and devices worldwide driving growing infrastructure needs,  SSL Certificates enable the verification of business identity as extended to a server, and encrypt sensitive data traversing between a web application and a web browser among other extended applications. Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center automatically evaluates certificates nearing expiration and triggers alerts based on an administrator’s configurations. By reducing the risk of unknown or unwanted certificates on enterprise networks, Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center minimizes costly surprise certificate expirations or high-risk rogue certificates, helping to ensure business continuity.

“Over the last year, this service was developed in consultation with more than 25 Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies with the key goal to create a simple and usable solution to centralize certificate data and automate core lifecycle processes,” said Fran Rosch, vice president, Trust Services, Symantec Corp. “Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center will make certificate management easier than ever — an important advantage as more enterprises adopt cloud-based certificate solutions to power the next generation of security applications.”

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