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Accenture Awards Conexao $1.1 Million Grant to Aid Local Entrepreneurs


Photo: Adriam Lajtha, Accenture

Accenture and Conexao announced today the Accenture Foundation has awarded Conexao an additional grant of $1.1 million to help expand its efforts to provide employment skills for underprivileged young people and mentor local entrepreneurs in Brazil.

The grant will also help Conexao provide vocational skills for an additional 5,700 young people and mentoring as well as coaching for 100 entrepreneurs. Accenture employee volunteers will teach professional training courses and provide mentoring support to the entrepreneurs.

“Supporting Conexão helps bring to life Accenture’s commitment to building skills,” said Adrian Lajtha, chief leadership officer at Accenture. “Conexão is proving it’s possible to make a significant, lasting impact on the economic well-being of individuals and their communities by developing skills and connecting people with the right job opportunities.”

Conexão is a Brazilian organization in partnership with Youth Business International, which supports young people striving to start businesses. The firm has enrolled more than 20,300 young people in technical courses, helped approximately 6,400 enter the workforce and provided support for more than 200 entrepreneurs.

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