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Avaya Solutions Spur Cancer Research Collaboration

The Canary Foundation, a non-profit focusing on early cancer identification, is using Avaya’s Video Conferencing Solutions to facilitate research collaboration across disciplines and institutions.

Both the Canary Foundation and Stanford University School of Medicine utilize Avaya videoconferencing endpoints powered by Avaya Aura unified communications core platform. Research team members are able to more easily collaborate, broaden research networks, reduce travel, have real-time discussions and facilitate visual presentations of research results.

“Canary Foundation has set 2015 as the date by when we aim to deliver on our vision of simple, effective early detection cancer tests. The faster and more cost-effective the means that we can share research with our broad-based team, the closer we get to our goal. Avaya’s video solutions help Canary Foundation and our research team save precious time and money and provide the quality we need to see minute detail in video formats,” said Don Listwin, founder, Canary Foundation.

Canary is working with Avaya as well as others to enable additional institutions and researchers to participate with videoconferencing clients, desktop units and room-based videoconferencing systems.

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