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CTC Receives Achievement Award for Natural Disaster Relief

Concurrent Technologies Corp. has been honored with a National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Enterprise Mission Achievement Award for providing mission-critical support to deployed NGA personnel and natural disaster relief efforts in Haiti, California and the Gulf region.

CTC’s sensitive web-accessible network team was bestowed with the award. The team’s secure remote access program allows users to connect to a wide array of unclassified network resources independent of location. This enables advanced access to first responders helping those in need.

NIGA said the group’s efforts in helpdesk support, system maintenance and engineering support in an operationally-challenged environment went above and beyond.

“NGA’s mission is ‘Know the Earth…Show the Way…Understand the World,” and CTC and the SWAN team have been relentless in our pursuit to help NGA achieve this mission,” said Gregory Hoffman, CTC’s SRA solutions director and SWAN project manager. “First responders and deployed personnel are able to get vital geospatial information from their network easily through the use of SWAN.”

“Our goal is to enable those front-line personnel closest to the mission to access the essential tools they need to do their jobs, and this recognition is further evidence that we are achieving this goal and becoming fully integrated with the NGA team.”

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