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Deloitte Hosts President Bill Clinton at Middle Market Perspectives Event

Photo: NY Post

Deloitte CEO Joe Echevarria hosted former President Clinton to discuss business insights with mid-market company leaders at the Deloitte Growth Enterprise Services “Private Perspectives” event.

Clinton spoke before 2,500 mid-market executives in New York City on the current state of the economy, jobs and how valuable these executives are to the country.

“I think we’re not going to return to a full employment economy unless we make several…changes including trying to close the skills mismatch…We need a strategy to do it…because the longer we drag it out, the longer we’re going to be stuck in unsatisfying patterns of growth,” said Clinton. “The best thing that government can do is to move more aggressively to resolve the housing problems… [and] change the laws and incentives in the country to create more private sector jobs. I think this movement for example to lower the corporate tax rate and broaden the base is a very good thing to do.”

Mid-markets make up 40 percent of the country’s GDP and collectively represent $6.1 trillion in revenue.

“Deloitte is focusing on these businesses to discuss solutions to get the economy rolling again. The work Deloitte professionals do every day plays a crucial role in informing the investing public, protecting capital markets, helping thousands of medium- and large-sized companies, and supporting government at every level,” said Echevarria.

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