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IBM Conducts Watson Symposium

IBM announced today it will conduct a Watson symposium with Harvard Business School and the Massachusetts Intsitute of Technology Sloan School of Management. At the event, students will test their skills in a demonstration of IBM Watson’s question and answer capabilities in an exhibition game of the television quiz show Jeopardy!

“From business to healthcare, education and the government, the advanced analytics capabilities of IBM’s Watson will transform how the world works,” said Bernard Meyerson, vice president of innovation and academic programs for IBM. “Our goal in demonstrating Watson’s capabilities and sharing our insights from its development is to challenge the leaders of tomorrow to leverage this new capability in ways we’ve yet to imagine.”

The schools are the first two business schools with which IBM will co-host a Watson symposium.

Boris Katz, principal research scientist at MIT’s computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory, led a team of researchers from MIT and contributed code to Watson’s QuestionAnswer capabilities.

Harvard Business School’s Professor Shih recently wrote an in-depth case study of Watson that will be used by MBA students in the school’s required first-year course in technology and operations management.

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