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IBM to Renew Smarter Cities Challenge for 2012

IBM announced it is accepting new applicants for its Smarter Cities Challenge, a three-year, 100-city, $50 million grant program where IBM’s top technical experts and consultants provide actionable advice to urban centers.

After conferring with officials, citizens, businesses, academics and community leaders, IBM teams recommend actions to make the delivery of services to citizens more efficient and innovative. Urban-related matters such as finance, sustainability, public safety and citizen services become issues of focus during these meetings.

Key improvements were made from last years funding in Mecklenburg County, N.C., Edmonton, Alberta, St. Louis, Mo. and Milwaukee, Wis. Some advances included budget planning processes, traffic planning, organization against crime and agricultural improvements.

Each city gets approximately $400,000 in technology and talent. The deadline for 2012 grant applications is Dec. 16.

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