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Maryland Business Leaders Train to Boost Federal Contract Wins

John Belcher, ARINC

More than 50 Maryland business leaders gathered in the state capitol of Annapolis on Oct. 11 to receive training in government contracting as the state seeks to boost the flow of federal contracts into its borders.

All of the business leaders belong to Team Maryland, a private economic development initiative whose goal is winning more federal contracts and federal jobs for the state.

ARINC Incorporated, a Maryland defense and government contractor that helped to establish Team Maryland, hosted the seminar. ARINC’s Chairman and CEO John M. Belcher currently heads the Team Maryland federal procurement subcommittee.

“Maintaining this very good relationship will require Maryland to anticipate the needs of federal agencies for a trained workforce, modern infrastructure, and a positive business climate,” said Belcher.

General Dynamics‘s IT business unit, GDIT, was also well represented at the meeting. GDIT Vice President of Homeland Security Solutions Lori Stallard spoke about her company’s recent $876 million IT contract with the Department of Homeland Security at their headquarters.

Ludmilla Parnell, GDIT’s director of business development, marketing and small business development, stressed building relationships at the seminar. “We spent four years creating our database of small businesses, and I do answer every e-mail,” said Parnell.

The “Doing Business with the Department of Homeland Security” seminar was designed for Team Maryland business leaders to sharpen their sales pitches, improve their partnering skills, and learn how to bid successfully for federal contracts. Former DHS Deputy Secretary Paul A. Schneider delivered the keynote address.

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