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Microsoft Donates $16.7 Million Cash, Software to Silicon Valley

Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus has donated  $16.7 million in cash and software to enable more than 60 Bay Area non-profit organizations to enhance their delivery of service to thousands of local citizens. Donations were made as part of Microsoft’s citizenship grant program, which aims to make technology more accessible and affordable.

“While there is no shortage of Silicon Valley non-profits that inspire us with their dedication to community, these 66 organizations are especially deserving of respect and support,” said Sid Espinosa, citizenship director at the Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus.”It has been particularly rewarding to work with these non-profits, as the majority of them work to uplift the Valley through educational services.”

Last month, Microsoft hosted 66 non-profits at a grantee reception to honor their commitment to improving quality of life in Silicon Valley. Daly City Partnership is a non-profit that promotes community access to health, education and social services. Executive Director LaVois Hooks said Microsoft’s grant has been helpful in extending their initiative.

“Like many non-profits with limited resources, we often have had to choose program delivery over enhanced capacity,” said Hooks. “Microsoft’s software donation allowed us to, at last, do both.”

According to Microsoft, employees are striving to make a difference in Silicon Valley by annually donating millions to local non-profits and schools and providing volunteer services to local community organizations.

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