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Intel and Civic Venture Announce Partnership to Expand Encore Fellowships


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Civic Ventures and Intel Corp. recently announced a major pilot program to offer Intel’s U.S. employees, who are eligible to retire, the chance to apply for Encore Fellowships. The fellowships are paid, part-time, and are yearlong assignments working at local nonprofits.

Intel employees will offer nonprofits skills including operations, finance, marketing, IT and human resources to help nonprofits achieve their goals and transform their operations.

Fellows are matched with nonprofits, where they work 1,000 hours over a six-to 12-month period, through either a part-or full-time schedule, and earn a stipend of $25,000.

“Encore Fellowships go well beyond traditional volunteer and board roles. These paid positions focus on the retiree’s evolution to a new stage of work and broaden the talent and experience available to local nonprofits,” said Richard Taylor, vice president of Human Resources at Intel.

Encore Fellowships was started in 2009 by Civic Ventures and HP became the first company to sponsor the fellowship. The fellowships offer those who have finished midlife careers the chance to transition to encore careers in the nonprofit sector.

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