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McAfee Donates $1 Million of its Cyber Protection Software

McAfee is donating $1 million dollars of the companies “AmberWatch Family Protection Software” to the New York Tri-State Area schools for students and their families.

The software was created after McAfee teamed up with the AmberWatch Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to protecting children from abuses, embarked on a campaign to find a safe way for children to enjoy and surf the Internet.

The software enables parents/guardians to monitor their children’s online browsing, by giving them the ability to block specific content and monitor interactions.

“We are pleased to support a foundation that shares our goal of protecting children and families,” says Todd Gebhart, co-president of McAfee. “With a common mission to help keep kids and families safe, it was natural for McAfee to partner with the AmberWatch Foundation to bring AmberWatch Family Protection to market.”

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