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Lockheed Makes Contributions to Promote STEM in School System

Mount Laurel Schools recently received a $20,000 contribution to the math and science programs from Lockheed Martin Corporation, according to a South Jersey Local News report.

The contribution was awarded at a board of education meeting by a Moorestown local Lockheed employee, Jack Grdinich. The donation was to go toward science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs in the school system.

“We are very interested in helping to promote the sciences in our schools,” said Grdinich in the report, “and we are particularly pleased that not only are we contributing funds, but our engineers are also involved with the projects being undertaken in the STEM classrooms.”

Previously, the company had made a $15,000 donation through its Computers for Schools Program to assist with the launch of new courses in fifth grade and in middle school. This prompted an additional $5,000 contribution from the company that will be used to purchase additional technologies for the classroom.

“Our goal is certainly to expand STEM offerings wherever possible. Our aim is to continue to find alternate means of funding the program so that this positive growth does not negatively impact our taxpayers,” said Superintendent Antoinette Rath in the report.

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