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Lockheed Physicist Recieves John Adam Fleming Medal

Dr. Alan M. Title, physicist at Lockheed Martin’s space systems advanced technology center was awarded the 2011 John Adam Fleming Medal.

The medal is presented to an individual, “for original research and technical leadership in geomagnetism, atmospheric electricity, aeronomy, space physics, and related sciences,” according to the release. This year it was presented at the 2011 Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco.

Title joined Lockheed in 1971 to take over its solar observatory and has remained the leader of the company’s solar group ever since. He primarily researches generation, distribution and effects of the solar magnetic field throughout the sun’s interior and outer atmosphere. Currently, he is focusing on the mechanisms by which magnetic energy is released by the sun.

As an engineer, Title designs and builds instruments used to gather information pertaining to solar magnetic energy. Previously, he led the development of tunable bandpass filters for space-based solar observations, in addition to a tunable variation of the Michelson Interferometer that has been employed on a variety of observatories in addition to NASA’s SOHO spacecraft. In addition, Title has authored 169 articles in refereed journals.

The Fleming Medal was established in 1960 in honor of John Adam Fleming, who contributed many advancements to the establishment of magnetic standards and measurements.


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