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Booz Allen Gives Infrastructure Discussion Principles; Mark Gerencser Comments

Mark Gerencser, Booz Allen

Ahead of President Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday, Booz Allen Hamilton has outlined items it believes should be addressed when discussing U.S. infrastructure.

“There is consensus across the political spectrum that infrastructure is critical to economic development, job creation, national security and competitiveness,” Mark Gerencser, a Booz Allen executive vice president, said in the statement.

Booz Allen suggested eight principles in discussing infrastructure:

  • the ability to create a shared vision
  • re-imagining infrastructure for the long-term instead of short-term fixes
  • cooperation and coherence with laws and policy
  • “level the playing field for public and private investment sources”
  • plan regionally, but also holistically
  • consider threats in forefront of the plan
  • build for the future instead of the present

In the current winter issue of GovConExec Magazine, Gerencser defined the challenges and what needs to be done to “re-think” projects such as drinking water systems and deficient dams.

Additional executives contributed to the conversation, including Darcy Immerman, AECOM vice president of energy. Click here to subscribe GovConExec Magazine.

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