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CTC to Host, Sponsor Energy NOW Conference

Concurrent Technologies Corp. will host and sponsor the Energy NOW Conference in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. on March 6 and 7, CTC announced Monday.

CTC said discussion topics will include:

  • Advanced electric vehicles
  • Alternative fuels
  • Commercial/industrial and international initiatives
  • Energy security
  • Shale gas exploration and end use
  • Solar and wind technologies
  • Waste-to-energy technologies and methodologies

The conference originated in 2007 and attracts leaders from government, industry, academia and military services. CTC said the conference is a platform for industry leaders to promote information exchange on alternative energy concepts.

“In contrast to previous years, this year’s conference will have more networking and open discussion periods to allow attendees to share information and grow future,” said Milissa Pavlik, CTC’s executive director of power, energy and green technology solutions.

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