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Profile: Giles Kyser, SELEX Galileo President, CEO

Giles Kyser, SELEX Galileo Inc.

Giles Kyser is president and CEO of SELEX Galileo Inc., a company he joined in April 2009 as vice president for special operations, irregular warfare and security assistance solutions.

In his current roles, he is responsible for growing the by through expanding products and services within the U.S. market. The company said he previously expanded SELEX’s Stennis facility with the support of defense, commercial, and interagency users.

Kyser is a retired U.S. Marine Corps. veteran, attaining the rank of colonel after 28 years of experience. His combat tours include both wars in Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo and in Africa. He served as a task force commander during the 2004 Iraq war.

In conjunction with his military experience, Kyser also served as the senior military adviser to the assistant secretary of defense for special operations and low intensity conflict. He also was the chief of staff for the deputy undersecretary of the Navy.

He holds master’s degree in military studies, national resource strategy, and also attended executive education at the Harvard Business School.

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