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Northrop Welcomes Norway’s Defense Secretary to F-35 Facility

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Northrop Grumman Corp. executives welcomed Norwegian Defense Secretary Roger Ingebrigsten to the company’s F-35 production facility in Palmdale, Calif. on Feb. 29.

Northrip said Ingebrigsten came to check on progress of the Lockheed Martin-led F-35 program and visited Edwards Air Force Base to watch a flight demonstration.

Ingebrigsten also toured Northrop’s integrated assembly line, which produces the F-35’s fuselage.

Northrop said Ingebrigsten was accompanied by members of the Norwegian Defense Ministry, the Norwegian Air Force and Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace.

Norway is one of eight international partners in the F-35 program.

In June 2011, Norway’s parliament approved the purchase of four F-35 jets and the jets are scheduled for delivery in 2018.

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