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Battelle to Present Unmanned Oceanic, Wave Harvesting Tech at Conference; Fred Byus Comments

Battelle will present three oceanic technologies under development at the Oceans ’12 Conference being held at the Virginia Beach Convention Center this week, the nonprofit organization announced Monday.

According to Battelle, the conference is an international forum for scientists, engineers and others to share developments and applications in oceanic engineering and marine technology.

“In response to a complex set of demands, innovative undersea technologies are entering the global market place rapidly to satisfy both government and industry,” said retired Rear Adm. Fred Byus, now at Battelle. “We’re glad to be among the scientists and researchers gathered this week to bring the best and brightest thinking to this complex challenge.”

The research and development firm will present a dual-mode undersea vehicle, controlled either by a crew or autonomously, and a technology for unmanned underwater vehicles to dock, recharge batteries and unload data at remote locations in the ocean.

The organization will also present an instrument to harvest energy from wave motions, then convert it for use by sensor platforms or undersea vehicles when integrated with an undersea docking station.

Battelle’s third technology for presentation is a sonar for scanning the hulls of ships while entering a harbor and for identifying explosive threats or criminal activity such as drug running.

The Marine Technology Society and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers are hosting the conference.

Earlier this year, Battelle presented a geology exhibit at a Washington conference, detailing how sedimentary rock stores and recovers natural resources.

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