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Raytheon Sponsoring Student Vet STEM Scholarship; William Swanson Comments

William Swanson

Raytheon donated $50,000 to Student Veterans of America as part of its partnership with SVA to help provide career guidance and opportunities to service members pursuing higher education degrees.

SVA said the company presented the donation during a Veterans Day reception Sunday in Massachusetts.

“Our partnership with Student Veterans of America expands Raytheon’s efforts to empower members of our armed forces to achieve future success as they transition from active military service to civilian life,” said Chairman and CEO William Swanson. “Veterans have so much to contribute to our nation’s progress.

“The work SVA has undertaken to create a supportive system for student veterans provides the foundation for academic achievement and fulfilling career opportunities.”

Program sponsorship under the SVA includes a Raytheon-sponsored scholarship for the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields.

Through the Support for the Leadership Institute Series, SVA chapter leaders will receive training on peer support for student veterans.

The SVA will also sponsor the Launch of the Student Veteran Outcomes Project, aimed at tracking nationwide graduation rates of student veterans.

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