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Accenture Gives $3.3M Grant to Charter Schools Net; Jill Huntley Comments

Accenture has given a $3.3 million grant to a charter schools network to help mentor students in career management and critical thinking, the company announced Tuesday.

The Knowledge Is Power Program is comprised of 125 schools that serve more than 41,000 students in 20 states and Washington, D.C.

Under the three-year grant, Accenture and KIPP will expand the Future Focus program to deliver skills training, mentoring and internships to nearly 7,000 students across the KIPP network.

“KIPP is proving it’s possible to make a significant and lasting impact on the economic well-being of individuals and their communities by connecting students with the programs and skills that will enable them to be successful,” said Jill Huntley, senior director of corporate citizenship at Accenture.

“We are very grateful for this generous grant, and for Accenture’s ongoing support of KIPP,” said Richard Barth, KIPP CEO. “With Accenture’s help, we can expand the Future Focus program and continue to build KIPP Through College programs to help thousands more students and young people reach the goals of college graduation and successful careers.”

Accenture will also provide volunteers in the Washington, Austin, Denver, Houston and San Francisco regions for delivering skills training, including developing internship and job shadowing opportunities.

Volunteers will also provide pro-bono work to help KIPP develop skills training programs for each location.

KIPP’s students and alumni work in the programs as the move into and through college,

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