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Lockheed Partners With Turkish Universities; John Evans Comments

Dr. John Evans

Lockheed Martin has signed an advanced technology research agreement with Turkey’s Sabanci University and Koc University in Istanbul, according to a company statement.

Dr. John D. Evans, vice president for technology and innovation at Lockheed, said they are happy to partner with the two Turkish research universities and that these collaborations will advance  defense technologies for both countries.

According to a company statement, Lockheed will work with university researchers on radar technology research and energy harvesting technology at Sabanci University.

The company has over 65 years of radar technology experience and has built and developed airborne, ground-based and space radar which monitors skies as well as protects coastlines and borders.

Lockheed will also conduct netcentric technology research with Koc University, continuing efforts in providing systems and tools that assist soldiers and commanders in addressing battlefield challenges such as network management, data sharing and command and control of deployed forces.

The Bethesda-Md. based contractor is also expected to conduct research on advanced manufacturing technology.

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