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Lockheed Selects UMD Researcher for Innovation Challenge Grand Prize; Ray Johnson Comments

Dr. Ray Johnson
Dr. Ray Johnson

Lockheed Martin has awarded $40,000 to five winners in its “Innovate the Future” challenge for developing ideas in the cybersecurity healthcare and renewable energy fields.

The company said Moble Benedict, an assistant research scientist in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Maryland, won the $25,000 grand prize for developing a vertical axis wind turbine for generating clean energy in urban environments.

“We believe in the power of science and technology to make positive changes in areas of common need,” said Dr. Ray Johnson, senior vice president and chief technology officer. “Through this challenge and online forum, we are able to stimulate discussion on critical issues among a diverse community and identify potential solutions to wide-ranging issues.”

People from more than 130 countries participated in the challenge.

James Mutitu, a researcher at the University of Delaware, won the $10,000 second-place prize for developing light-trapping techniques in solar cells.

The company awarded three $5,000 third-place prizes to Raymond Canzanese, a doctoral candidate at Drexel University; Dick Dillon from Innovaision LLC; and Tamara Monti, a doctoral candidate at Italy’s Universita’ Politecnica delle Marche.

Canzanese created a method for detecting malware via data fusion, Dillon developed a concept for using online avatars in counseling and Monti created a concept of using photonic sensor to detect body tumors and identify the body’s response to cancer therapies.

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