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ARINC Organizes Int’l Border Security Workshops; Jorge Ramirez Comments

ARINCARINC has started conducting workshops in the Latin America and Caribbean region focusing on national security and immigration control issues, according to a Homeland Security Today article.

“The ultimate goal of the workshop is to improve a country’s border security,” said Jorge Ramirez, marketing director of global networks and IT solutions for ARINC, who is leading the sessions.

“These workshops are essential for our existing customers and ideal for countries in the process of evaluating effective border security solutions,” he added.

During the workshop, ARINC discusses its border security system, best practices, local and regional security trends, modernization issues and short term objectives.

Of the 35 countries worldwide that have implemented border security systems, ARINC is involved in working with 34 of them.

ARINC said the workshop began in El Salvador and there are plans to expand it worldwide.

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