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Bechtel’s John Olson Wins A Local ‘Engineer Of The Year’ Award

BechtelLogoJohn Olson, a Bechtel deputy technical manager at a waste treatment and immobilization plant, has won the Tri-Cities Engineer of the Year award for helping to engineer the plant.

Olson was also recognized for participating in the American Institute of Chemical Engineers locally and nationally, Bechtel said Wednesday.

The Tri-Cities Engineers Week Coalition and Washington State University Tri-Cities present the award, for which area engineers are eligible based on nominations from professional societies or three other engineers.

Olson’s responsibilities at the plant include carrying out engineering associated with mixing pulse jets at the radioactive waste treatment plant.

According to Bechtel, the plant treats 56 million gallons of radioactive waste stored in underground tanks in Washington state.

Bechtel is designing and building the plant, which the company says is more than 60 percent complete.

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