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Parsons Wins Outscourcing Partnership Award; Scott Carl Comments

ParsonsParsons Corp. has won an award for partnering with an outsourcing company to perform 12 service engagements on contracts for data center, telecommunications, collaboration, hardware and software projects.

The Outsourcing Center gives Outsourcing Excellence Awards across 11 categories and Parsons won in the Best Network Service category for working with Alsbridge, Parsons said Tuesday.

According to Parsons, a panel of industry experts and judges choose awardees based on best practices and ability to help clients transform their business operations.

Awardees are also determined based on how they create competitive advantages for customers, Parsons says.

“In some elements of Parsons’ business, outsourcing provides cost-effective access to skills and expertise we don’t have in house, as well as flexibility to quickly scale up or down to handle the business demand,” said Scott Carl, Parsons chief information officer.

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