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Peter ‘Mudge’ Zatko to Join Google, Led DARPA Cyber Funding Program

Peter Zatko
Peter Zatko

Peter Zatko, a former program manager in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency‘s strategic technology office, is joining Google in an as-of-yet unspecified role.

Zatko, also known by his handle “Mudge,” joined DARPA in 2010 and established the Cyber Fast Track Program to support and fund hackers working outside the government in developing security solutions for the Defense Department, All Things Digital reports.

writes Zatko announced the move on his Twitter feed Friday night and becomes the second DARPA manager to join Google, following former director Regina Dugan’s move to the search giant in 2012.

Zatko started his technology career as a member of several hacking groups such as The L0pht and The Cult of the Dead Cow.

He also led research into buffer overflow, which Hesseldahl writes is a type of computer security vulnerability from which he authored several journals.

Zatko became a legitimate security researcher in 1999 and joined @Stake, a computer security firm acquired by Symantec in 2004.

In 2005, Zatko became a research scientist at BBN Technologies, now a Raytheon subsidiary.

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