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Accenture Wins Two Awards for Life, Insurance Annuity Software

accenture_ExecutiveBizAccenture‘s portfolio of life and insurance annuity software products has won a customer base award from Celent for the second consecutive year and recognized by Ovum as a market leader in the European core life insurance solutions industry.

Celent bases its award on the number of live North American customers, the number of new clients weighted by size of insurer and the level of use of the system by insurers, Accenture said Monday.

Ovum assessed 10 life insurance core administration platform vendors in the European market and identified criteria for life insurers to assess when selecting a core platform vendor.

Each vendor is categorized as a market leader, market challenger or market follower in Ovum’s report.

More than 40 insurers and annuity carriers worldwide use the Accenture platform in their product development, underwriting, policy administration and payout operations.

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