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Oracle Awards Scholarships to Eclipse Foundation; Cameron Purdy Comments

OracleLogoOracle has awarded compatibility testing scholarships to a nonprofit open source community that aims to make Java compatible with two technologies used to manage database web services and develop applications.

The Eclipse Foundation will use the scholarships and Oracle’s technology compatibility kits to test the EclipseLink and Virgo technologies, Oracle said Thursday.

EclipseLink aims to serve as a reference point for Java persistence application program interface specifications, while Virgo intends to act as a server for enterprises to develop, deploy and service Java applications.

“Oracle recognizes the contributions that not-for-profit organizations, such as the Eclipse Foundation, are making to both Java technology specifications, and the rich ecosystem of open source implementations of these specifications,” said Cameron Purdy, Oracle vice president of development.

Oracle intends for its Compatibility Testing Scholarship Program to help nonprofits, colleges and universities test Java applications.

“We want to make sure that these organizations have access to the resources they need to verify compatibility with the latest Java platform releases,” Purdy added.

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