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Raytheon-Sponsored MATHCOUNTS Competition Sets World Record; Pam Erickson Comments

Raytheon-logo_EbizA new Guinness World Record was set Friday during a Raytheon Company-sponsored event for the fastest ever time to construct the first 25 rows of Pascal’s Triangle in human formation.

During the 2013 Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Competition, 325 students, coaches and advisors worked together to form Pascal’s Triangle in six minutes and 16 seconds, according to a Raytheon statement.

MATHCOUNTS executive director Lou DiGioia said, “These remarkable Mathletes have already inspired us with their success here at the National Competition, but by setting this record today, they’re also sending the message that math achievement and STEM education should be priorities that we all have.”

Raytheon announced that it would extend its sponsorship of MATHCOUNTS until 2018.

“Raytheon fully supports the Mathletes’ creative approach to Pascal’s Triangle to show the world the power of math,” said Pam Erickson ,vice president of community relations at Raytheon Company.

“The application of Pascal’s Triangle – a simple collection of patterns used in every day algebra and probability – is just one example of how math is all around us,” she added.

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