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Cora Carmody: Jacobs Engineering Wins ComputerWorld Youth IT Award for STEM Program

cora Carmody(1)Jacobs Engineering has won ComputerWorld’s first-ever Engaging Youth in IT Award for creating the Technology Goddesses program in a partnership with the Girl Scouts of America.

The program was created by Cora Carmody, Jacobs senior vice president of IT,  more than ten years ago and has since provided IT skills training to nearly 3,000 girls, according to a company statement.

“I hope this recognition encourages more private sector businesses to invest the time and passion in programs at the multiple levels needed to close the skills gap,” said Carmody.

Some of the skills the program teaches to the girls include cloud computing, desktop applications, animation, GPS technology and leadership.

jacobs-engineering_200x200According to DARPA, youth enrollments in IT studies have declined 59 percent since 2002 and the award and program are meant to start reversing that trend.

“They were focused not just on finding people to fill jobs, but in inspiring young people to explore the wondrous possibilities of technology,” adds Linda Rosen, CEO of Change the Equation.

The Engaging Youth in IT Award will be presented on June 3rd at the 25th annual Computerworld Honors Awards Ceremony and Gala Evening in Washington, DC.

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