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AT&T Joins EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership; Shannon Carroll Comments

att logoAT&T has formed a partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency to improve fuel efficiency and curb emissions as a member of the agency’s SmartWay Transport Partnership program

As a partner in SmartWay’s shipping category, AT&T will be required to monitor and report on its transport emissions and integrate more environment friendly initiatives into its management decisions, the company said Wednesday.

It will also seek to identify areas in its distribution network where it could further apply carbon reductions and cost savings.

“We know we need to continue identifying savings and emissions reductions from our transportation and distribution networks,” said Shannon Carroll, a senior manager with AT&T’s supply chain sustainability team.

“Participating in the EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership program will help us identify additional steps we can take in order to keep seeing results,” Shannon added.

EPA officials said the SmartWay volunteer program has helped U.S. firms save $8.1 billion in fuel costs to date.

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