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Lockheed Wins SBA Partnership Award; Ray O. Johnson Comments

Ray O. Johnson
Ray O. Johnson

Lockheed Martin has won an award from the U.S. Small Business Administration to acknowledge the company’s partnerships with small businesses, which Lockheed invested $6.4 billion in last year.

The 2013 Dwight D. Eisenhower Award for Excellence- Manufacturing was conferred during the recent celebration of National Small Business Week’s 50th anniversary, Lockheed said Wednesday.

“We are humbled that the SBA has chosen to recognize our supplier community,” said Dr. Ray O. Johnson, senior vice president and chief technology officer at Lockheed.

SBA presents the award to companies that give small businesses opportunities to serve as subcontractors and service providers.

“The industry leaders who contract with small businesses help boost the nation’s economy,” said Karen Mills, SBA administrator.

“When federal contracts get into the hands of small businesses, it is a win-win for the federal government, small businesses, the economy and the job market,” Mills added.

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