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Northrop Concludes Four-Month Aircraft Design Program for Students

NorthropLogoNorthrop Grumman recently concluded a 16-week curriculum in aircraft design and development under its High School Involvement Partnership for senior students.

This year’s mentoring program culminated in the participants’ “final exam” comprising flight demonstrations of remote-controlled airplanes of their own design and build at the company’s facilities in Redondo Beach, Calif., Northrop said Thursday.

Aircraft development is just one discipline among many others offered under the education outreach initiative, established in 1971 in cooperation with local schools to promote science, technology, engineering and math as possible career choices.

Rudy Loera, integration manager for Northrop Grumman’s X-47B unmanned combat air system program, coordinated the aircraft design course while engineer Jeremy Alonso was lead instructor for aircraft development.

“The students passed their final exam with flying colors, and if Northrop Grumman can inspire even one of them to pursue engineering or a similar discipline involving science and math, the mentoring program is well worth it,” Loera said.

Close to 200 students graduated from this year’s HIP program, attending two-hour sessions five days a week with volunteer employees who worked with them as their mentors on finance, engineering, manufacturing, office administration and other disciplines.

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