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ARINC CEO John Belcher to Donate $10M to Anne Arundel Medical Center

belcherARINC CEO John M. Belcher announced a $10 million pledge to an Annapolis, Md.-based hospital, to be given over the next 10 years, Capital Gazette reports Friday.

Jack Lambert writes that Belcher and his wife Cathy will donate $1 million to the Anne Arundel Medical Center over the next decade.

The remaining $9 million will be given to the hospital as part of the couple’s estate.

The $10 million pledge for patient and quality care is the largest donation the hospital has ever received, according to the article.

AAMC had an operating revenue of $528 million for FY2012, with an operating income of $10.7 million.

The AAMC said that it plans to rename its Health Science Pavilion into the “John and Cathy Belcher Pavillion.

“When we came to Annapolis 15 years ago to run ARINC, one of the things I always felt is I wanted to ensure the best medical care for me and my family and my employees,” said Belcher, an AAMC board of trustees member.

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