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Lockheed Delivers 100th F-35 Aircraft Targeting System; Ken Fuhr Comments

Lockheed Martin, Edwards Air Force Base, 416th FLTS F-35 ITF, JSF, 6 ship static display, sunrise, AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, AF-6, AF-7Lockheed Martin has provided the 100th unit of a mechanism designed to improve the aiming and weapons-handling capabilities of the F-35 aircraft fleet.

Low-rate production of the electro-optical targeting system in California and Florida is intended to support 3,000 warplanes by 2030, Lockheed Martin said Friday.

EOTS was developed to provide pilots with infrared and laser technology as they track, identify and aim at objects so that missiles may be deployed from a safe distance for enhanced tactical defense and situational awareness.

“Delivering our 100th F-35 EOTS is one step closer to ensuring all F-35 pilots can perform their missions and return home safely,” said Ken Fuhr, a Lockheed Martin missiles and fire control director for fixed wing programs.

Fuhr added that EOTS also has imaging features to enable pilots to securely focus on their targets and prevent dangers as they fire weapons.

Lockheed Martin says the Lightning II is expected to replace a range of aircraft currently in service for the U.S. Army and defense forces from approximately ten other nations.

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