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Bechtel to Co-Launch Business Training Program in Gabon; Walker Kimball Comments

BechtelLogo (1)Bechtel and a non-profit organization will co-launch a new initiative that aims to help a central African nation encourage economic development.

The program to be implemented in Gabon will involve volunteers from the company and Junior Achievement who will work together to educate about 300 young participants on entrepreneurship and business, Bechtel said Thursday.

In its first year, the project will involve two courses that aim to utilize practical and applied learning methods that are easy to understand.

“We are delighted to be building on our existing partnership with Junior Achievement,” said Walker Kimball, Bechtel’s infrastructure and aviation unit managing director.

An objective of the company is to bring “a positive and sustainable legacy to communities where we work,” Kimball explained.

According to JA Worldwide CEO Sean Rush, the organization has set a five-year target to aid one million African youth “gain access to information and resources, develop self-confidence, and build the self-reliance.”

“Partnerships such as this one with Bechtel are fundamental to achieving that ultimate goal,” Rush added.

One course under the program will aim to introduce entrepreneurship to students in high school and another is meant to teach basic business and financial skills to participants aged between 15 and 35.

Bechtel says it seeks to share its construction and engineering experience through social projects implemented in cooperation with different organizations.

With JA, the company actively supports causes in different regions around the world.

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