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IO Data Center Receives Energy Savings Score; Patrick Flynn Comments

big data2An IO facility has saved 19 percent in energy costs based on an electric utility’s third-party evaluation of its technology installations for supporting data center operations.

The Arizona Public Service studied data from the traditional and modular systems at the company’s complex in Phoenix for one year and found their power usage effectiveness ratings below industry average, IO said Tuesday.

Annual IT power savings of the structure were estimated $200,000 per megawatt of the IO.Anywhere integrated modules.

“The portion of PUE above 1.0 denotes energy not going to IT equipment, and that’s where efficiencies can be found,” said Patrick Flynn, an IO lead sustainability strategist.

“Part of our job at IO, therefore, is to validate PUE in actual deployments today, and to continually improve data center performance,” Flynn added.

The APS evaluation found the traditional Data Center 1.0 and modular Data Center 2.0 had respective power ratings PUEs of 1.73 and 1.41, lower than the global average of between 1.8 and 1.9 set by Uptime Institute.

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