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New Philips X-ray Offers High Image Quality, Low Radiation Dose

philipsPhilips Healthcare’s new interventional X-ray system can decrease radiation dosages to patients and medical personnel while maintaining image quality, results of a clinical study in the Netherlands have shown.

Using AlluraClarity to conduct image-guided catheter ablation therapy, a procedure to treat heart rhythm disorders, on 136 cardiology patients at Eindhoven-based Catharina Hospital saw patient dose reduced by 42 percent, Philips said Monday.

Electrophysiologist exposure was reduced by 50 percent, it added.

AlluraClarity is powered by ClarityIQ, image processing technology designed to address noise/artifact reduction, image enhancement, edge sharpening and other quality issues.

“Live images are essential during catheter ablation therapy for heart rhythm disorders because of the complex anatomy in the areas of the heart that need to be ablated,” said Ronald Tabaksblat, general manager of interventional X-ray at Philips Healthcare.

“Together with our clinical partners, we have developed the Clarity IQ technology, and overcome the technical hurdle of combining high image quality with low X-ray dose for a broad range of X-ray guided procedures.”

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