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ATK Provided Hardware for AEHF Satellite Launch

ATK-logo_EbizATK announced that several of its products were used to support the launch of the Advanced Extremely High Frequency 3 satellite at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on Wednesday.

ATK also provided the United Launch Alliance Atlas V launch vehicle used in the take-off with its various components and structures, ATK said Wednesday.

The Arlington,Va.-based firm created the spacecraft bus structure, solar array substrates, yokes and booms, composite structures for the antenna gimbal assembles, propulsion system’s pressurant and propellant tanks and the heat pipes that support the bus structure and payload heat pipes for cooling the antenna payload suite.

The company also developed the Atlas V rocket’s reaction control system propellant tank, 10-foot diameter composite heat shield, the boattail and the Centaur Interstage Adapter.

ATK said the launch is the 40th Atlas V launch that used ATK-built composite and the fifth successful flight wherein ATK retro motors were used.


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