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Ball Aerospace, B612 Partnership Adds Board Members, Investors; Ed Lu Comments


The Ball Aerospace and B1612 Foundation partnership for a privately funded deep space telescope mission has received new support from leaders in the entertainment, finance, business and science communities.

The sentinel mission has also added six new members to its board of directors who will choose the technologies and innovation that will be used on the mission designed to detect 100 times more asteroids than all other telescopes combined, Ball Aerospace said Tuesday.

The B1612 Foundation aims to build the “world’s first privately funded deep space telescope to create the first comprehensive dynamic map of our inner solar system, identifying the current and future locations and trajectories of Earth crossing asteroids, according to the release.”

“The third quarter of 2013 was successful for us in many ways, as we received both welcome financial support, including a seven figure contribution, as well as added another wave of highly successful individuals to our team: the Strategic Advisory Board, Founding Circle and Board of Directors,” said Ed Lu, B612 Foundation co-founder and CEO.

Lu said that the Sentinel will allow scientists today to forecast whether an asteroid will impact Earth “by accurately measuring the positions and velocities of asteroids.”

“Then by using the laws of orbital mechanics we will calculate the future locations of these asteroids. And with this knowledge we will be able to change the future by deflecting asteroids from hitting our planet,” he added.

Ball Aerospace said that David Brin, Julian Nott, Brian May, Tim O’Reilly, Janet Zucker and Jerry Zucker have been elected to the B612 Foundation Strategic Advisory Board.

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